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item imageAcademicallyCreative World of Learning develops essential foundational skills through hands-on classroom experiences and small group activities using a research-based curriculum.
item imageSociallyChildren are encouraged to collaborate and learn with and from their peers, empowering them to engage and grow as a unique member of a supportive community.
item imageEmotionallyChildren are challenged to pursue their passions and build their emotional intelligence so that they gain a better understanding of their own emotional reactions to the world around them.
item imagePhysicallyChildren learn and engage through creative movement and active learning experiences indoors and outdoors that are designed to support optimal small and large muscle development.

Day Care in Huber Heights

Inspiring children to learn, play, and develop essential skills for success in life is our mission at Creative World of Learning. When you're looking for a professional, qualified, and trusted Montessori School in Huber Heights, OH, you've come to the right place. 
At our school and daycare center, we aim to break down the boundaries of traditional daycare by opening up possibilities to a new and exciting approach to your child's development. We've designed an effective curriculum where students are encouraged to develop essential social and academic skills through hands-on class experiences and group activities. From six weeks up to kindergarten, students can learn in a comfortable, safe environment with age-appropriate curriculum taught by experienced, highly qualified teachers. Convenient after-school activities allow them to further their academic track while continuing to build on their social skills.

The infant program at Creative World of Learning introduces children age 6 weeks to 18 months to the world around them.

  • Infants thrive in the context of secure, trusting relationships with their teachers in an environment that is predictable, calm, responsive to their individual rhythms, and stimulating to all the senses.
  • Young infants respond to what they can see, hear, taste, touch and smell, so teachers intentionally plan experiences with grasping and mouthing toys that young infants can shake, drop, mouth, and explore. Cuddly toys help children learn concepts like hard-soft, light-dark, big-little.
  • Mobile infants continue to enjoy toys that they can explore with all their senses and teachers support the rapid development during this phase with balls, toys that can be pulled apart and fit back together, dumped and filled, stacked and knocked down. Large soft blocks, push and pull toys, and activity boxes with knobs, buttons to push, and dials to turn all support optimal small and large muscle development.
  • A language-rich environment with joyful music, singing, rhymes, and book reading supports language, cognitive, and social-emotional development.

Toddlers age 18 months to 3 years learn through hands-on activities and collaborative and creative learning experiences.

  • Hands-on activities based on goals set by parents and teachers provide toddlers, age 18-36 months, with opportunities to build upon a solid social-emotional foundation.
  • Teachers encourage large muscle development by setting up an obstacle course inside or outside to promote crawling, climbing, and running.
  • Taking turns with classmates to scoop and mix ingredients to make playdough. Squeezing, pulling, pounding, poking, and rolling the playdough develops the strength in little hands that is important for emergent writing skills.
  • Puzzles, matching games, shape sorters, transportation toys, simple props, as well as large and small blocks support cognitive and social-emotional development.

Preschoolers ages 3 years to Kindergarten entry develop the academic and social-emotional foundational skills needed to be successful in school and life.


  • Provides a safe, nuturing, and indiviualized program designed to meet the needs of all children and families.
  • Educators support student learning throughout the day with a variety of activities.
  • Tie-dye paper towels by squeezing colored water up into an eye-dropper and releasing it onto the paper towel to develop fine-motor strength and coordination.
  • Playing outside and making their bodies into different shapes and sizes to demonstrate balancing skills and explore dance and movement concepts.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the alphabet and emergent writing skills by writing and drawing with their fingers in shaving cream.

The after school program at Creative World of Learning is designed to support children and families while sustaining positive relationships with the local school district through student-initiated activities and enrichment experiences.


  • Participate in outdoor and indoor team games and challenges to build a respectful and fun classroom community.
  • Students create a timeline of important events that they remember in their lives and present it to the group to develop historical thinking skills and an awareness of their heritage.
  • Students brainstorm a list of rules for their classroom, discuss the fairness of each rule, and the consequences for not following the rule to develop civic responsibility as a valuable community member.
  • Complete homework with teacher and peer assistance.
  • Participate in a variety of thoughtfully-rotated board and card games to develop mathematics, literacy, and speaking and listening skills

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